November 4, 2012: DST

Another quiet weekend day at home with my girls.  Liesl got me up as she nearly always does and off to the play room so that she can have her morning chocolate milk and watch her shows.  She has quite the routine.

This morning I worked with her to show her how to turn on the television and the PS3 all by herself and how to navigate the menus.  She has been using the remote to control Netflix for a very long time already but she was not able to actually navigate the PS3 menus themselves before so this is a good step.  In theory she can turn everything on and watch things without us around now.

It was a slow day.  The time changed last night so we are well rested but the girls were up very early.

Liesl’s new show is “Jem and the Holograms” which is a horribly ridiculous 80s cartoon that Dominica used to watch when she was young.  I remember it but don’t remember having actually watched it.  Wow is it ever bad.  Luciana has mostly been watching “The Fresh Beat Band” or “Timmy Time.”

We started watching the BBC show “Sherlock” tonight which is created by Steven Moffat, one of our favourite television creators and one of the creative minds behind “Coupling” and the “Blink” episode of “Dr. Who”.  It is about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson but set in modern London instead of in Victorian London.  So far, quite good.  We made it through two episodes, which is nearly three hours of television, today.

I spent much of the day getting Zabbix up and running.  I have not worked with Zabbix before and there is a bit of work to get it running properly on CentOS 6 – especially when you want the latest features and so are compiling from scratch.

Luciana went to bed a little after eight.  She is still very good about putting herself to bed or letting us know that she is tired.  She is so good about bedtime.  Nothing like Liesl was at her age.

Liesl stayed up till nine thirty.  She is so funny about her bedtime stories.  She loves daddy reading to her at night.  I always have to read her her stories before she can go to sleep.  We sit on the floor of her bedroom and she picks what to read.  Either one long story from something like Winnie the Pooh or Lyle the Crocodile or three short stories from one of her story books.  For the last two weeks she has been on a kick to read stories from her big, blue story book.  She really loved “Harold and the Purple Crayon” and “Pete’s a Pizza.”  We read those almost every night.  She is also very fond of “Caps for Sale.”

Dominica went to bed at eleven thirty.  She was still pretty tired but not nearly as tired as yesterday.  After she went to bed I went out for a bit just to relax at Redneck.  It’s kind of like Cheers, for me.  They laughed when I said that the other day.  No one was around tonight, just me for a change.

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