November 6, 2012: Dinner with the Vielmas

I was in the office today.  Nothing special, just another day.  After work I came home and helped Dominica get the girls out the door to go to kids’ night at Brookhaven Country Club.  We have been trying to coordinate going out to dinner with the Vielmas for several weeks and have not been able to pull it off.  Finally tonight Kim and the kids were able to meet us at Brookhaven for dinner.  Armando tried to make it but got stuck late at work so had to call off at the last second but at least the rest of us managed to get together.

We tried eating outside and thought that that would work well as there were so many of us (seven) but it was chillier than we had realized and no one, except me who plans better, was dressed warmly enough to be outside so we changed plans and ate inside instead.  I did a really good job and only had the really healthy blacked salmon salad tonight.  Kim and the kids seemed to really enjoy eating at the club too.  They had a good time.

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