November 5, 2012: Lunch at Ernie’s

I woke up nice and early this morning.  One of the few benefits to Daylight Savings Time.  Of course, Liesl and Luciana were up early as well.  So maybe it is not all that much of a benefit, lol.

I got into the office and Dominica was trying to schedule me to come home to watch the kids but we had both forgotten that I had a lunch appointment today.  Thank goodness for my online calendar that keeps me on track.

So after a long and productive morning (because I made it in early) I was off to North Richland Hills to have lunch with a friend from Spiceworks so that we could talk about Elastix-based PBXs and VoIP concerns that he has as he works on a VoIP migration for his company.  We got lunch at Ernie’s Seafood out there which is excellent.  I love their food there.  They are like a family dinner come seafood restaurant.  Good prices and excellent food in a casual setting.  I get the grilled salmon which is really tasty.

We had a good lunch meeting and I think that I was able to impart a lot of good information.  I earned my fish.

After work I came home for a bit and saw the family.  Then it was off to Las Colinas for ballroom dancing lessons.  I keep trying to get Dominica to go on Monday but she always sends me to do the lessons.  It is hard to get her out of the house even when I offer to stay home and watch the kids.

Ballroom is going well and I am teaching more and more of the time.

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