November 8, 2012: Dominica’s First Symphony

I left work on the early side this evening and drove up to Lewisville to pick up our babysitter and then down to the house to get ready as quickly as possible.  Liesl was so excited to see her babysitter.  They get along great and have a lot of fun playing together.

I got into my new olive green suit and Dominica and I were out the door.  We drove over to Trinity Station and took the Green Line downtown to Akard so that we could walk over to the Tower Club for dinner.  This was, surprisingly, Dominica’s first time going to the Tower Club!

It was around six thirty when we arrived so we did not have a lot of time for dinner but the Tower Club is used to people needing to make shows as the Arts District is a short walk away.  We had a really good dinner and Dominica really enjoyed getting to go to the Tower Club, finally.  The food and the view was excellent and we pretty much had the dinning room to ourselves.  It was  a really nice evening.

We did really well on time and got over to the symphony without any problem.  I had forgotten to bring the tickets so had to hit will call to pick up reprints.  Our seats were excellent, though, six row center.  Tonight’s performance was Britten’s War Requiem which is a very famous but very depressing piece.  Not necessarily the best piece for Dominica to have experienced for her first ever full symphony performance.  They did an excellent job with it but it is a hard piece to sit through, that is for sure.

After the show we headed back to the train and rode back up to Trinity Mills Station and went home.  Dominica drove Kayla back home and I stayed to watch the kids who were already asleep.

We had a really nice time tonight.  It is great being able to get out to have a nice night out like this once in a while.  We are so thankful to have a real babysitter now too!

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