November 9, 2012: Out Dancing at Cool River

It is Friday and I am in the office as usual.  Went to lunch with Dan as we are want to do on Fridays.

After work I came home and hung out with the girls all evening.  Around ten I headed out to Cool River to go dancing with Chris and some of the other ballroom folk.  Dominica has been out to Cool River before so tonight was my turn.  I was not very impressed, though.  The dancing was pretty lame.  No one does any formal dancing whatsoever and the dance floor is smokey and nothing but a bunch of people jumping up and down.  It was pretty silly.  We did our best to dance and I did manage to do some salsa, cha cha, calypso and latin hustle but there was no room and no one appreciated the moves.  Not my scene.  I’m not sure why they try to go to Cool River.  This seems like the worst possible place to try to dance.  It was kind of fun but overall, it wasn’t very entertaining.

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