October 11, 2012: Returning to Dallas

I got up and worked in the hotel this morning until PSX came to pick me up to take me to breakfast.  So I got in most of the morning of work before we headed out.  Dominica had packed up most of the room for me so there was very little for me to do.

We had a good turnout at breakfast.  The “day after” breakfast is always a very small affair with only the most hard core SpiceWorld attendees making it out.  It’s a good time, though.

Then it was back up to Dallas and working from home for the afternoon.  We couldn’t resist stopping off at Round Rock Donuts as we passed by, of course.

The Ralstons had to be on the road before I could make it home.  I missed them by about an hour.  We had a lot of extra donuts as I had stocked up assuming that they would be eating them too.

Spent the evening hanging out with the girls.

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