October 23, 2012: Bringing Home Our Place

In the office today.  It has been nearly seven years that I’ve been with the same firm, so “going to the office” is pretty awfully generic.  Every day is basically like any other.  It is nice because it is low key and not stressful in any real way but it is bad because there is no adventure or excitement.  For the most part, it is really quite boring.  Even busy days are only busy, not challenging.

At lunch, Dan and I went to Redneck, big surprise.  After work I stopped off at Our Place, which comes highly recommended for their Indian cuisine, and got takeout to bring back home to Dominica. She really likes it when I bring home dinner – which I really should not do because it is never as healthy as eating at home but it is so hard to resist.

So we ate our Indian curries and watched Dr. Who this evening as a family.

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