October 24, 2012: Speculation

Another “nothing in particular” day.  I worked from home today so got to see the girls all day.  Pretty slow day.  Work has been super slow recently.  I like that.

I am heading to Chicago in less than a week.  That should be fun, flying up and back in 24 hours.  I haven’t been to Chicago, except the airport, more than twice in my life.  Once for a weekend when I was about twelve and once for just a few minutes in my early twenties doing a quick drive from Rochester to Gary, Indiana and back to help someone move stuff from their apartment really quickly – that trip was twenty hours total including both legs and all of the time loading the truck.  So it will be nice to get to spend a little time, very little, in Chicago and see it again.  It has been at least twenty two years if not twenty six since I stood downtown.

Went to Redneck early tonight.  Not sure why I was there early.  I don’t remember at this point.  But according to FourSquare I was there just after nine which means that Liesl was still awake but Luciana was not.  I don’t normally go out that early because I wait for them to be asleep and normally for Dominica to be heading to bed before I go out so I was probably meeting someone like Watson for drinks but I honestly can’t remember.  So I’ll just speculate that I was hanging out with Watson tonight and was home early.

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