October 6, 2012: Beginning of the New Floor

It’s the weekend but everyone is pretty sick.  Today Art began working on replacing the carpets in the house with the laminate.  He got the playroom done and a little beyond that.  The new floor looks really awesome.  I am really impressed by how good it looks now that I am seeing it on the floor.  I can tell that I am going to miss the carpeting, I am a carpeting guy in general, but the new laminate looks way better than the old carpeting and is going to be so much easier to keep clean.  I am excited.  I really didn’t think that it was going to be this bright or look this classy.  This is going to be a major upgrade to the house and really add some value.

Art got the wall at the back of the bar torn out and replaced yesterday.  The old wall was in horrible shape so it is a really good thing that that got done.  It was ready to collapse.  The new wall with the big new windows is awesome.  So much more light coming into the house now, it really makes the living room pop.  And we can open the windows now so that we get air from that direction.  This is great.  I am so glad that we decided to get new windows.

The Grices came up today to go to Six Flags for the weekend but we only saw them for maybe an hour or less.  We will see them for a few minutes tomorrow when they stop by to pick up Liesl and Luciana to take them down to Houston for most of the week.

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