October 7, 2012: SpiceWorld Preparty Day

All morning and into the afternoon was a panic to get everything ready for the SpiceCorps DFW meeting today.  There is a lot of flooring that needs to go down today before people begin to arrive.  The entire living room and the bar need flooring and there are a lot of people coming today.

It was an extremely busy day.  Art and Michael are still quite sick too.  Flooring was still going down as the first SpiceCorps attendees began to arrive.  Francesca came just before SpiceCorps started as well and picked up the girls.  Liesl and Luciana will be in Houston for most of the week while Dominica and I are at SpiceWorld in Austin.

The meeting itself went well.  We didn’t have the turnout that we had been planning for, many people who had RSVP’d simply did not show up which was a problem as CBeyond, who sponsored, had the event catered based on the number of people who had committed.  The catering was excellent, however.  Really good food and overall presentation.  It was great having professionals come in, set everything up and take care of all of the food.

CBeyond did a good presentation on their services and I did a cloud architecture presentation.  Those both went well.

PSX got pretty trashed at the event and after thing wound down significantly and he had passed out on the couch, Kim wrote on him with marker and then, after having a few drinks herself, convinced him to go outside and let her spray paint him bright orange with house paint.  This was truly hilarious.  Dominica and I even got in on some of the painting.  He was completely orange by the time that we were done.

The Ralstons stayed behind at the house to watch the girls after the event was over and several of us took PSX out to Redneck Heaven to show off the spray painting.  Everyone thought that that was really hilarious.  He is going to have a rough day tomorrow.


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