October 9, 2012: SpiceWorld 2012

Today is the first “official” day of SpiceWorld 2012.  Dominica woke me up at seven this morning and I shot out of bed and had no idea where I was or how I ended up in Austin.  That was a very weird sensation to say the least.  Under normal conditions I can wake up, keep my eyes close and pretty accurately tell you the date, time, day of the week, where I am, my orientation within the room, etc.  Today I had none of that.  Very disorienting.

So I got up and before eight we were down to the convention (which is held in the same hotel where we are staying so it is just a matter of walking downstairs) to get breakfast with the crew before going on to the first sessions.  I always skip the opening presentations because it is the most general of all of the talks and a good opportunity for me to keep up with work and make sure that the office does not need me at all.  Dominica and Danielle went to the opening sessions without me.

It was a busy but successful day.  SpiceWorld is always fun.  The weather was perfect this year and Dominica seems to be enjoying the conference too; she has been able to attend a lot more sessions than me.

My big surprise of the day was discovering that Symantec came out just to meet up with me.  They did manage to get about an hour of my time so it was decently effective.

The after hours party today was held at the Texas State History Museum which is a really cool venue.  The food was all from famous Austin food trucks which made for a neat variety and some really incredible food.  I spent most of the evening sitting outside as the venue itself was too loud for me to be in comfortably.

After the official party was over it was the usual walk down to Sixth Street.  We all went to Shakespeare’s tonight and spent the entire night hanging out on the balcony.  Dominica wasn’t feeling too well so went back to the hotel a little early.  Andy and I had to carry Kim back as she wasn’t able to walk on her own.

Luciana at the Playground in League City

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