December 13, 2012: Home with the Girls

I was supposed to be at Dell World today in Austin but came back late last night as there was no WiFi at the conference and I was unable to work effectively.  No way to be there again today so I am home.  I was already off for the day so I stayed at home and worked from there so that I could get some time with the girls.

I had tons of work to do having been away yesterday and with Grey coming to visit this weekend.  The house was actually decently clean so that was not a major issue but we did  continue to do a little cleaning to get it ready but mostly I was holed up in my office getting work done.

Dominica went to work this morning and was supposed to just work for a few hours but it ended up being a full day of work for her so it was really good that I had stayed home with the girls because that would have been unnecessarily expensive and I would not have gotten to see them.  We had a good time being home together and I am getting used to being the lone parent on these days when I watch them.

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