December 14, 2012: Prepping for Grey’s Arrival

Today is my day back in the office after one day in Austin and one at home with the girls.  Today is also the last day of work before going into the winter freeze so this is one of the really busy days of the year.  My requests were coming in starting early in the morning and going continuously all day long.  It was pretty exhausting.

Surprisingly I was actually able to take lunch today. A short one, but lunch all the same.  Dan was in the office too so we went out and got something to eat.  Had to be a little bit of a rush, though, and we were on Blackberries the whole time making sure that nothing bad was happening at the office.

Every time that I write that today it makes me realize just how weird it is that we still have Blackberries.  It sounds ridiculous to say.  Who uses a Blackberry today?  Just looking at the Blackberry it looks old and outdated.  It works fine for what it is but it is so dramatically less useful than my iPhone, except for the battery life, which is only good because it doesn’t do anything.  Having to carry around a second device just to get email for the office is very 2008.  That isn’t that long ago but it already feels absurd to have to do it today.

It was pretty late when I finally got home.  We hung out for just a little bit.  Luciana stayed up late so that she could see me before going to bed.

Grey arrives tomorrow early in the afternoon.  So we are getting up and cleaning before I have to run to Love Field to pick him up.  He is staying with us until Tuesday of next week.

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