December 18, 2012: Grey Back to Denver

Dominica was up and off to work at seven as usual.  I kind of woke up when her alarm went off but went immediately back to sleep and slept till around a quarter after seven when she called me a few times to talk about a computer that had died so that I could assist her in troubleshooting.  This made for an exciting start to her day.  It ended up being a completely different day than she had expected.  She worked on the failed machine all morning rather than crawling around hooking up computers after a cubicle move that they did yesterday while she was off.

Grey slept in and I didn’t see him till around nine thirty.  It turns out that his brother is in town and they haven’t seen in other in many months and his brother happened to be around the corner so he borrowed the car to go meet up with his brother and get breakfast at IHOP before I needed to take him to the airport around eleven thirty.  So my morning was just me and the girls and helping Dominica on the phone with her computer issues.

Dominica came home for a bit and I ran Grey to the airport.  I was distracted and accidentally drove to DFW rather than Love Field.  Oops.  I’m having one of those weeks, apparently.

So at just before noon I dropped off Grey and he got ready for his one thirty flight back up to Denver.

As soon as I was back to the house Dominica had to run out to Fry’s with the company card (yes, they gave her one already) to do some shopping.  We found solid state drives for them for just $99 for really good ones.  They are pretty excited to be moving to Intel SSDs for so cheap.  And they now see that Fry’s charges less than half for parts than the place where they have their “corporate” account.  I think that they will be rethinking that strategy very quickly.

It was a good thing that I was home today because this became another eleven hour plus day for Dominica.  She is getting a lot more time at this job than we had been anticipating – which is awesome because we really need the funds.  Having her working again is really helping.  I’m looking forward to January when we see her income really hit us for the first time.  She only had a one week paycheck come in December.  And our renters in Peekskill go back to regular rent next month too.  Boy things are going to be easier in January – especially if Dominica keeps up the “working more than half time” thing that she has been doing so far.  She seems to be heading for a fairly regular twenty plus hours per week there.  Fingers crossed.

Everyone was pretty worn out tonight and we mostly just hung out at home.  Dominica has to go back to work early tomorrow morning again so we can’t be up too late tonight.

I stayed up decently late working.  It was after three when I finally got to bed.  This is becoming pretty normal for me.

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