December 17, 2012: First Backup 101 Class

I had to get up and get into the office this morning.  Dominica wasn’t sure if she was going to have to work today or not but ended up being able to stay home which was great because she was able to deal with helping to set up for the class and not having any issues with being able to attend it either.

I worked through lunch, which was good because it turned out to be the company Christmas party anyway, which I had no idea about.  So I got a free lunch although, as a vegetarian, the selection was very odd – a vegetarian paneer (cheese) curry with no starch to put it on except for corn bread.  It wasn’t too bad that way, but certainly unexpected to say the least.

I left work a little early, but there was nothing going on in the evening whatsoever, and rushed home and logged back in just to make sure that everything was still good at the office and helped set up for the class tonight.  We had two last minute cancellations which really left the class at just three people – pretty small.  Dominica, Maggie and Watson were the only attendees with Watson coming late.  I tried my best to sit in on as much of the class as I could but had to spend the bulk of the evening either managing the girls who were hold up in Dominica and my bedroom or running down to Historic Downtown Carrollton to pick up the take away dinner for everyone from the Broadway Bistro.  Chris did come over while I was out picking up the food and put in an hour helping out with the girls who are always very excited to see him.

Everyone decided to take fewer breaks and rush through the class so Grey was able to wrap up after seven thirty and then go into some Q&A on Unitrends.  That worked out pretty well.

We broke down what we could after the class and were all off to bed pretty early.  It has been an exhausting week.

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