December 2, 2012: Windows 8 Migrations

After yesterday’s crazy day of email migrations and other work, today was a lot more tame.  Still a lot of work being done and both Dominica and I were busy for much of the day but we were able to spend most of it out in the play room with the girls and quite a bit of the day we put on the seventh season of How I Met Your Mother which only just released to Netflix and we saw just how far through the series we could get.

Today I completed the migration of my HP Folio 13 laptop to Windows 8 as well as the migration of my HP dc5850 desktop to Windows 8.  Both went smoothly, the laptop had a little hiccup from some of the pre-installed software but that was about it.  Everything went well and I now have Windows 8 on all of my main machines.  Not my first choice for an operating system but it will do the trick and I will be that much farther ahead of everyone in being used to it.  It does seem to run really well on the bare hardware, at least.

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