December 1, 2012: Email Weekend

This is the long weekend of non-stop email migrations.  We were up and working on this all day.  Dominica really did great on getting a lot of processes figured out and emails moved over smoothly.  She was super busy all day working on that.  I was very busy too.  We have just so many projects going on.  We did nothing but work today.  Both of us, all day.

This morning we ran out to downtown Carrollton in the hopes of hitting the Broadway Bistro because I need to talk to them about potentially hosting Grey’s class on Backups there.  We got to Carrollton and discovered that there was a special event going on and that was not going to work in any way whatsoever.  So had to skip that idea.  We couldn’t even find parking there.

We thought about going to Denny’s but then decided to go to Brookhaven instead.  So we went there and had a nice, healthy, if early, lunch.  We had been hoping for breakfast but had not realized the time.

Chris came over this evening for a bit and he and I worked for a while getting ready for the seminar that we are giving on Monday evening in Josey Ranch.

Tonight Dominica, Liesl and I watched A View to a Kill which Dominica may never have seen.  I suspect that I actually saw this one in the movie theater although I can’t remember for certain.  It is amazing to me to think that some of these old Bond films that seem so old were made while I was a kid and I likely saw them new.  When Timothy Dalton took over as bond I had that feeling like the Bond films had been going for decades and that there had a been a huge gap between the old movies and the new.  Basically the same feeling, but older, as the Star Wars movies and the gap to the second trilogy.  But it was nothing like that.  The gap between Moore and Dalton was only two years, a very short span in Bond film terms.  I would have seen them all as current all through my young childhood.

Once that was done we watched The Living Daylights and then we were off to bed.

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