December 22, 2012: Not a Productive Day

I slept in pretty dramatically today and did not get out of bed until after ten.  I guess that I really did need some sleep.

I got up and barely got moving on the day when Watson called and wanted to go hang out and get lunch.  So he picked me up just a little after noon and we went down to downtown Carrollton.  We stopped off at Mo’s place and hung out probably for about an hour before going to lunch at the Broadway Bistro in Historic Downtown Carrollton.  I love their breakfast vegetarian sandwich that is a lot like a toasted cheese sandwich with a hard boiled egg in it.

After lunch I went to Watson’s apartment in Addison, which I have not been to before, so that I could assist with an issue that he was having with his stereo. That took about an hour but we got it fixed (it was a series of issues between his sound card on his computer and the stereo receiver itself.)

It was late afternoon by the time that I actually got home.  I worked around the house some but not nearly as much as I had planned.  I have the place seriously torn apart in an attempt to get things organized and cleaned.

Watson called later and wanted to go out this evening so we ended up heading out to the bar for most of the evening.

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