December 23, 2012: Flying with Chris

Today ended up being quite interesting.  I continued working on the house some more.  It is really coming along.  I even got the guitar out of Luciana’s closet and got it tuned.  I can’t believe that the strings that are on it were still working and able to be tuned.  I haven’t played the guitar at all in about five or six years.  It was while living in Newark, NJ that I last played it, if I remember correctly.  I know that it has been at least since then if not longer.  Dominica has been after me for a long time to get playing again so that the girls can grow up in a house with music that we play ourselves so as part of her Christmas present I got it ready and played it a little to make sure that I still could.  It always amazes me that I can go years without playing the guitar and pick it up and just start playing again.

I assume that since Dominica never, ever reads SGL that it is safe to post what I am doing for her for Christmas since she won’t figure it out.

I did some work today and then at three thirty went to Addison Airport to go flying with Chris.  He is flying some patterns today and originally he had someone who was going to go flying with him but they decided not to so I am flying with him instead today.  This is my first time flying in a small, personal aircraft.  I’ve flown in puddle jumpers before but never a two person aircraft.  This little Czech airplane only weighed around 736lbs.  That is a small plane!  Only one hundred horsepower.

We did about twenty minutes in the air.  I got some decent video.  Sadly we were stuck on the tarmac for quite a while because the plane was cold and the oil didn’t want to heat up as it was getting chilly out and the oil pressure was high because of that.  Flying in the tiny craft was really cool.  That was a lot of fun.

By the time that we were done flying it was very cold and quite dark.

I got home and before long Watson called and wanted to hit Redneck for dinner.  So not getting as much done today as I had intended but it was a fun day.

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