December 27, 2012: Back to Dallas

We played more of “Ticket to Ride” in the kitchen this morning and I had my last of the holiday junk food before going onto a strict diet to try to recoup the ground that I have lost over the holiday of binge eating all of the desserts that are all over the house.  I spent a bit of time with Liesl and Luciana this morning.  I am leaving today to go back to Dallas and will not see them for a week!  This is going to be one long week.  Dominica and the girls are driving back up to Dallas on the first of January because Dominica needs to be in the office on the second.  So I will hopefully get to see the girls at home one afternoon as soon as they get back since I will be off from work that day as it is a holiday and then I will stay home with them on Thursday while Dominica is at work.  But it is a long weekend between now and then.

We had the car packed and ready to go so that as soon as noon hit I was able to get on the road and drive north.  It was just a few minutes after noon when I pulled out.  It is a cool and drizzly day in Texas.  It drizzled on me the entire drive from Houston to Dallas.

There were some traffic issues so it took me forever to make the trek.  I had to stop along the way too to hit a McDonald’s so that I could use the WiFi and do some work for the office.  I have my BlackBerry in the car so that I can make sure that no one is looking for me in between stops.  It was a very light afternoon so I was able to make the whole trip with only the two stops to work.

It was after five thirty when I got into Dallas.  I did a little work and got the car emptied out and around eight or so Watson came by and picked me up and we went to Redneck to hang out for a while.  Normally we go on Friday and/or Sunday nights but neither of those nights work out for us this week and we were both available tonight so we decided to just go there tonight instead.  That worked out well for me since I am still eating food today and can get my favourite thing there, the avocado veggie wrap (sounds boring and looks terrible when you read it on the menu but it is actually amazing) tonight and really should not after tonight as I am going strictly on my diet again.

We were back home before midnight.  A very early night for us, but we both have to work tomorrow.  I will be physically in the office although I suspect that there will be very little need for me.

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