December 28, 2012: Why Did I Go to the Office?

I am fully back home in Dallas now.  Slept in my own bed last night and will be here until the girls return home next week.

I went into the office this morning.  Boy was it empty.  There was hardly anyone there at all and absolutely nothing happened all day.  I mean I got a few package installation requests, but maybe five or ten minutes worth of work.  It was crazy how slow it was.

I skipped lunch today, no real reason to need to go anywhere.  Best to stay in the office and not be tempted to go eat something that I shouldn’t eat or spend money that does not need to be spent.

Went home after work.  Left a little early as there were no deployments tonight.  I do love the freeze but hate needing to be in the office when nothing at all is happening.  This is pretty silly.  I could be getting a lot done at home rather than being in the office doing nothing all day.

Watson was bored again this evening so talked me into going out.  After being in the office I don’t tend to be all that productive anyway so, whatever.

Again, not a late night for us.  We are getting old.

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