December 4, 2012: Finished HIMYM Season 7

Dominica was exhausted today after her first day back at work yesterday and then being busy last night.  It really wore her out.  I had to get up and get into the office early-ish today as I have a lot going on and I need to be proactive.

My morning stuff that I had planned got rescheduled to this afternoon, pheww.  I was just too busy to do anything else this morning.

It turns out that all of my work last night did not get me anywhere so no email today.  This is getting stressful.  I am not good at being out of contact for any length of time.

After work I came home and we just spent the evening relaxing.  And by relaxing, that meant me with the laptop working until after midnight.  I got a lot of time with the girls, though, and we managed to finish watching the seventh season of How I Met Your Mother.  I can’t believe how long that show has been on!  It still seems like a relatively new show to me.  Not having normal television really skews your perspective on shows and seasons.

Later on we watched some of the eleventh season of Family Guy and got the kids off to sleep.

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