December 6, 2012: Dominica’s Surprising Second Day

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Dominica was off to work early this morning, leaving just before seven.  I got up around six thirty and Liesl was up around seven thirty.  So I got Liesl her chocolate milk and set her up in the play room so that she could watch the Care Bears while I got ready for work.  We couldn’t find the Care Bears that she wanted on Netflix, then she told me that “no, it is on the green one.”  This took me a while to figure out but luckily I did because she is so smart and was frustrated that I couldn’t understand her.  By “it’s on the green one” she was referring to the colour of the program that we were running.  Netflix is red, Hulu is green!  I switched to Hulu and there were her shows.  Impressive.

I jumped in the shower to get ready for work.  I thought that Kayla was coming at a quarter till nine, not a quarter after eight.  So when I got out of the shower and heard Liesl talking to someone I panicked.  It was eight eighteen and I found Liesl sitting on the windowsill of the front window talking to Kayla who was standing outside.  Luckily she had only been there about three minutes.  I thought that I had another half an hour or so before she arrived.  Oops.

Luciana woke up just as Kayla arrived so I got her up so that I got to see her for a few minutes before I left for work.  In theory Kayla will only be babysitting for a little while since I leave around nine and Dominica should be home just after eleven.  She works just a four hour Thursday, from seven to eleven.

Work was pretty normal today.  Everything was fine and I was set to work through lunch when Dominica said that she was stuck at work (it was nearly noon already) and that she had an issue that was not going to be resolved anytime soon so I had to run home to relieve Kayla so that she could go to her normal job which she works in the afternoon.

So I relieved Kayla as the babysitter around twelve twenty, thinking that I would just be doing lunch at home and that surely Dominica would be home by two since that would be nearly a double length Thursday for her already.  Ha ha, what do I know?

Dominica came home around three just long enough to grab a coffee and talk about plans for the day.  She was home for no more than thirty minutes.  What a crazy day she is having and she is already up to nearly eight hours.

I chatted with Chris over Lync and he said that he could be over shortly to babysit so that I could go help Dominica.  So she returned immediately to work so that she could get as much done as possible while waiting for me to come help.  Not that there is much that I can do to help since the issue is one of hardware failure, but an extra set of eyes and some additional experience can’t hurt, either.

So I worked like crazy to get wrapped up at the office and Chris arrived just after four.  By no later than four forty I was able to take off and run over to Dominica’s office and help out.  It was a frustrating night, hardware failures always are and there is never enough equipment or information around to fix things easily.  We tried everything that we could think of for about another two hours.  They actually left us alone at the office and we had to turn out the lights as we left.  Very weird for her second day.

It was nearly seven when we left, we would have worked longer but Chris could only babysit till seven as he had a client to go see. So that was our cutoff time.

We got home, Chris took off, we hung out with the girls, ate some Joe’s that was ordered in and watched Family Guy and got all caught up on the latest season on Hulu.  We were all exhausted.  Dominica and I were both falling asleep trying to stay awake for Liesl.

We got Liesl in bed by about a quarter after nine, very early for her but it couldn’t be helped.  Luciana had gone to bed around eight.  She loves going to bed, no complaints from her.  Dominica was in bed around nine thirty and I was just before ten.  I have to be up early tomorrow for the non-farm payroll announcement that I cover the first Friday of every month.

So suddenly, instead of working one eight hour day and one four hour day, Dominica has now done eight hours and eleven hours on her first week plus I was there for an additional two!  And not only that but it is our guess and expectation that they are going to have her working there tomorrow as well as they have three major things going on all at once: the continuation of this particular issue, the installation of the large new archival storage system and a cubicle move for Dominica’s workspace (of just two days) where they need her to help identify what to keep and what to toss.  So she could very easily be putting in another two to four hours tomorrow!  And I am guessing that I might be wanted as well during lunch which would be awesome.


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