January 10, 2013: Long Tired Day for Dominica

Today is Thursday and I am home with the girls again today. Normally I would not be home twice in the same week but since I worked a double on Sunday I am staying home today.  This worked out so I get another day with my girls.  We had a good day together.  Lots of time to play.  Liesl has been anxious to go back to “Miss Melissa’s House”, though, because she wants to play with the kids and toys there.  So next week she is going to daycare for sure.

Dominica worked a very long day today.  Nine or ten hours in the office (remember, it was supposed to be just a half day) and then she came home and worked another two hours or more from home while we sat in the play room this evening.  She was really exhausted too.  Today really wore her out.  She could barely keep her eyes open all evening and she had to work tonight too, at least two hours.

We did nothing but watch some TVLand on Hulu tonight and everyone went to bed really early.  Luciana put herself to bed around seven!  Liesl was happy to go to bed before nine.  Dominica, as often happens, gets so tired then doesn’t go to bed which makes her even more tired tomorrow.

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