January 11, 2013: Classic ’80s Shows

It’s Friday!  Last Friday was my early one so today was a relaxed Friday.  Got in normal time and worked all day in the office.  I worked through lunch which is pretty normal for me now.

Came home and spent the evening with the family.  We’ve been watching Family Ties and are almost done with the final season.  Dominica and I were watching it a few years ago and never quite finished the series.  She has a tendency to get tired of a show just before finishing all of the episodes so we took a few years off but finally came back to wrap it up.  Seven seasons.  Hard to believe that it ran for so long.  By the later episodes it felt like it was coming from a different era.  That show was so solidly from the 80s.  I probably saw every episode of it growing up.  Not a single one feels completely unknown to me.  If I missed any they were few and far between.

It makes me sad that so many of the classic shows from my childhood are not available today.  The shows that I liked the best are, mostly, unavailable.  So many shows that I don’t care about or outright detest, like “Alf”, are available but the great shows that defined the ’80s are not being released.  Shows like “Growing Pains” and “Who’s the Boss” and many of their spin-offs.  Some licensing problems combined with low revenue has caused these shows to effectively vanish.  Liesl and Luciana might never get to watch those shows simply because someone isn’t willing to allow us to pay them to see them.  Unbelievable in this era of “everything is available.”  That an entire decade is just missing is outright crazy.

We watched a little bit of the Disney show Shake It Up and got the girls off to bed.  Dominica is still completely exhausted from yesterday and went to bed early.  I went out to Redneck to hang out with Aimee and Stephan.  Haven’t seen Aimee in about two months.

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