January 14, 2012: Are You Being Served, with Kids

Dominica went in to work this morning.  I managed to sleep in until nearly eight thirty.

This evening we planted ourselves in the play room and watched some “Are You Being Served?” which we have not watched in years.  My guess is that we have not watched this since Liesl was old enough to watch it with us.  We probably last watched it when she was just an infant, probably early on when we lived in Peekskill.  We watched quite a bit of older BBC shows during that era.  That was the same time that I did my last model railroading, too.

It is neat getting to watch this show with Liesl now.  Liesl is probably about the age that I was the first time that I saw this show.  When I was Liesl’s age this show was still being produced, which is incredible to think now.  This was what television looked like when I was little.  I watched a lot of this show with my mom when I was a bit older.  And now Liesl watches it with me.  Mostly she plays video games on the iPad while Dominica and I watch the show, but still.

Dominica had a bit of extra work to do tonight so she put in a few more hours working tonight while we watched our shows.

Story time and off to bed for Liesl.  She is so good about going to bed these days.

We were off to bed pretty early tonight. Dominica is always very tired on Monday nights after a long day at work.

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