January 15, 2012: Luciana’s First Snow

Luciana woke up early this morning and came into our room and snuggled in bed with a new bottle of soy milk for about an hour before we actually got up.  When I went out into the kitchen, around seven, to make her a warm bottle I noticed that the yard was nearly all white!  We actually got snow, quite a bit of it.  I had not realized that we were supposed to be in for a snow “storm” last night so this caught me off guard a bit.  I suppose that I did not go outside at all yesterday so maybe that is why I did not realize how cold it had gotten the last day or so.  The snow was still falling when I looked out into the atrium, not coming down fast but it was really coming down.  This was real snow.

This is the first time that Luciana has ever seen snow.  She has not made it to New York for a winter yet and the only times that we have had snow in Texas she was in Houston.  Liesl was very excited once she got up.  She didn’t notice the snow at all until I mentioned it and then she was jumping around and running to look at the windows.  She gets snow so rarely that it is really excited.  Having grown up in New York where there is always more snow than you wish that there was, it is strange to me to see my own children excited to see it.  Hard to believe that snow isn’t something with which they are used to having unlimited access.

I took a little while to fix some power and Internet problems at the house this morning, probably caused by the cold.  Our server closet was extremely cold this morning.

I left for work just a little before ten because I wanted to be sure to avoid anything close to rush hour.  As it was instead of the usual empty roads the highways were moving like molasses in, well, January which is what it is.  The drive in for me was fine since I stuck to the surface roads where the traffic was light and moving just fine.  There wasn’t any real snow on the road surface except for on one low bridge so it wasn’t treacherous or anything.

The office was pretty thin today, I am assuming that a lot of people were avoiding the drive.  There were only three people there.

I had to come home during lunch to do some work and put in a very busy afternoon.  I didn’t go back to the office because it didn’t make any sense.  I would have just been driving all day had I done that.

After work this evening we took the kids out to Brookhaven for dinner.  It is kids’ night and we have not been there for dinner in quite some time.  It turned out there was story time tonight, but The Grille was full so we had to wait for a while.  Story Time started while we were waiting so I took the girls and we sat down to listen to the stories while Dominica waited for our table.  Liesl was so cute sitting on her own listening to the stories.  Luciana just sat on my lap and hung out with me playing with my freece’s zipper and making faces at people eating dinner.  Then Liesl told Luciana to come sit with her and the two of them sat next to each other on the floor for a while listening to the stories, it was adorable.

We got home pretty late and Luciana was pretty much ready for bed when we got back.  I got her off to bed and she wanted a story.  She is just starting to be into reading books.  She has been asking for stories during they day for about a week but now she is doing it like Liesl connected with bed time.  She has been on a kick to read this Swedish book about two children who help to rescue a garden when the old lady who owns the garden goes away to take care of her elderly sister.  Liesl has a stuffed broccoli that is one of the characters from the book and Luciana was very excited to take the broccoli to bed with her.  We asked Liesl if it would be okay for Luciana to sleep with the broccoli and Liesl said, “Sure, maybe it will become a pattern.”  So cute.

We watched some more “Are You Being Served?” tonight.

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