January 19, 2013: Garage Cleaning Day

With the girls going to bed so late last night we did manage to sleep in just slightly this morning but only slightly.  Luciana is on a natural schedule and never sleeps in all that much.  It just means that we are in for a grumpy day.

Today’s big project was to go out into the garage and really get down to cleaning.  We brought probably ten big plastic bins of stuff into the house and sorted through them.  That’s a major job considering how much we have gone through previously in a similar fashion and that a lot of this stuff was filtered through before it ever left New York.  The project went really well, though, and we have a large pile of stuff ready to go to Goodwill and we have many bins freed up to put toys into which are going to return to the garage to be stored there instead of cluttering up the house which is what is happening now as there are so many that the girls cannot do anything with them due to the sheer volume of toys to wade through.

We made massive progress today and are thrilled with the garage now being almost entirely accessible.  There are still many bins to go through but we have overall control of the situation now and can maneuver in the garage and really do things.  Tomorrow starts the cleaning up of the toys now that there is space made in the garage.

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