January 18, 2013: Celebrating Brian’s New Job

We heard a noise, both Dominica and I, at 3:45 this morning that woke up both up.  So I got up, got dressed and investigated.  I couldn’t find anything and my hypothesis is that it had something to do with the roof shifting.  I tried going back to bed and laid in bed for probably half an hour or more but couldn’t get back to sleep so I got up and moved to the office for several hours and got a lot of work done, including getting SGL caught up and doing a ton of posting on Spiceworks.  Also closed several tickets, took out the garbage, worked through a lot of my email backlogs, etc.  Good use of my time.  Two cups of coffee later I was off to shower and get into the real office.

I worked through lunch and ended up having a busy afternoon which kept me in the office until after seven in the evening.  Having woken up so early I was really exhausted by the time that I got home with it pushing eight in the evening.

Luciana was already tired and nearly ready for bed when I got home.  We saw each other for a few minutes then she asked that I turn on “The Fresh Beat Band” on the television in our room.  This is one of her new things, she likes to go into our bedroom and use the television there and sit in the nice chair and be alone.  So she watched an episode and was off to bed, happily, as she was very tired.  She is very good about not fighting going to bed when she is tired and will demand, sometimes, that you put her to bed.  She is very funny.

Liesl watched some weird Japanese show about “spider riders” in the middle of the earth.  Very weird.  She loves it though.  She says that Garrett introduced it to her.

Watson came over around ten so that we could all go out tonight to celebrate his new job.  He starts in two weeks having put in his notice at his current job this morning.  Tonight is also Snow Angels night so Redneck is going to be packed.

Kayla arrived just after ten.  Liesl was so excited to see her.  Liesl just ran around the house over and over again as she could not contain herself.

So it was after ten thirty when the three of us got to Redneck.  I was the designated driver tonight so a quiet evening for me.  It took about forty five minutes to get a table.  Very busy evening.  I saved my meal for the day so that I could have a grilled shrimp salad tonight without feeling guilty.  We are trying very hard to be staying on our diets again now.

Got back home around one thirty.  Luciana had stayed up until eleven and Liesl till nearly midnight!  We will likely be able to sleep in tomorrow.

Tomorrow starts our three day holiday weekend. I have just a small amount of work requiring my attention tomorrow.  Should be a nice, relaxing weekend.

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