January 2, 2013: Day with My Girls

Finally a get a day with my girls.  A whole day to myself with them, actually, as Dominica ended up working a long day at the office, effectively skipping lunch and working late.  I am very glad that I stayed home with them as we got a long day together, just us.  Dominica is working long hours at this new job.  She is still only doing two days a week there but she is doing longer hours than we had expected and working from home a few hours too when not in the office.  So she is getting a significant number more hours than the scheduled days would suggest.

Liesl had a lot of fun today showing me all of her new stuff from Christmas.

So today was pretty much all just the girls and I.  We spent a ton of time together just hanging out.  Dominica worked quite a bit this evening from home too.  It was a really long day for her.  But she gets to relax tomorrow.

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