January 3, 2013: First Day Back at Home with the Girls

I worked from home today so that I could stay home and take care of the girls while Dominica was at work. There is no one in the office so there really is no point to me being there.  I say that nearly every day and it just keeps being true.  We had a good time all hanging out together and I have barely seen them so this is our first big day of just us.

The house is a massive disaster from the combination of the mess made by me trying to get things cleaned up and with all of the stuff dump out of the Acadia when the family returned from Houston.

I had a conference call at lunch today that took quite a bit of time but went really well.

Dominica worked a really long day.  They’ve missed her there.  Her job is going really well and she is getting more hours than we had originally planned.  And so far our hit rate of me being able to be home with the girls has been really high which helps a lot with being able to keep the cost of her going to work down.  And she commutes with the super-cheap Spark too.  We have been doing a good job of using that whenever possible and it has been lowering our automotive costs.

Just an evening together as a family.

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