January 21, 2013: End of a Long Clustering Weekend

It is Monday and that means that Dominica is off to work early and I am home with the girls all day.  Dominica had another long day.  Not sure how much she worked today but it was quite a bit.  She did come home at lunch, though, which was good because the girls were really wearing me out today.  Today is a holiday, though, so I didn’t need to work as much as usual.  I did have to work because some markets were open but it was extremely light, barely more than a weekend day.

This past weekend, and much of today, was spent working like crazy on a Linux cluster that I’ve been trying to get built.  I learned the hard way that Ubuntu does not support clustering anymore.  This explains whey their documentation is incomplete in 12.04 and missing entirely in 12.10.  I thought at first that they were just being lazy and had never gotten around to finishing it before the next edition came out but after working at it with for days and going through their incomplete docs, the DRBD docs, the Pacemaker docs, random doc, How Tos and even Suse’s docs I discovered that it is pretty clear that the system is incomplete in some way and does not work.  That explains the documentation from Ubuntu – they started from an old documentation set so had a “work in progress” on 12.04.  They worked on it for a while and gave up, leaving the half finished documents in place.  When 12.10 came out they had already given up so they didn’t even try again.

So the last three days have been exceptionally brutal dealing with that.  But boy was in informative.  Very educational.  Not sure that I would have chosen all of that education in quite that way but I got it nonetheless.  Had to work late into the night tonight as I did all weekend.  There is just no way to be productive during the daytime so I am stuck doing tons of work late at night and I have just been getting more and more tired.  And behind on SGL too.  Argh.

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