January 22, 2013: Wrapping Up My Clustering

I had one of my moments this morning where I was still asleep and kept my eyes close and pictured myself picking up the iPhone and looking at the clock.  I pictured the time as 7:37am.  Then I opened my eyes, grabbed the phone and checked the time for real – 7:38am.  For all I know it clicked over in the ten seconds between imagining the time and actually checking it.  It is amazing how often this happens and I can tell when it will.  Sometimes I wake up and say “I wonder what time it is” but am usually decently close.  And then other times I say “it is exactly….” and I am almost always spot on.  Very weird.

Today is my “Monday” since yesterday was a holiday for the bank. So in to the office today.  Things were a bit busy but not too bad.  I am exhausted after a long weekend of doing cluster work.

We are busy researching preschools for Liesl.  We are trying to find a place for her to go one day a week.  She loves social interaction and doesn’t get enough of it at the house with us.  She needs someplace to wear her out a little.

Got home this evening and ended up having to work a ton on getting  a final clustering script together but that went well.  Took several hours but it went well and the final system is really sweet.  I’m going to write up some documentation on that at some point.  That should make for some popular articles for sure.

I did have a talk today with a company looking to sponsor some of my writing.  That would be amazing as it would mean regular income from some of my writing.  Not big money, but something to help justify the effort that I put into that process.  Nice to get recognized.

Got to bed very late again tonight.  I’m really not getting any sleep this week.


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