January 4, 2013: Scott Alan Miller

Woke up at a quarter after four this morning and had missed two phone calls from work.  So I jumped up, ran into the office (in the house) and signed in.  The server that I was dealing with last night had failed and so I was stuck working for a few hours from home before driving into the office to deal with the non-farm payroll announcement this morning too.  From super slow to rather busy in one day, it seems.  Of course, once that call was over, it was slow again.

Dad was doing some research on Ancestry.com today and discovered that in 1959 he had a first cousin (so my first cousin, once removed) who was born on the first of August and died five days later on the sixth of August named Scott Alan Miller.  Not a common name, not super uncommon, but not common and for it to be my cousin is really surprising.  Dad didn’t remember my cousin’s name so I am not actually named after him although it seems reasonable that my father must have heard the name at some point.  He would have been thirteen when Scott was born.

Since I started work so early today I decided to go home around lunch time and work from home in the afternoon.   No need to be in the office.  This is the last week of the freeze.  Things start getting busy again next week.  So this is my chance to take advantage of being able to be home and I’ve really missed seeing the girls.

We were just home together this evening.  Boy it is good to have my family back home.

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