January 6, 2013: Working a Double on a Sunday

Dad sent this one to me the other day: Michael Davis at Ford’s Theater on YouTube.  I’m not sure if he realized it when he sent this to me but he has this on VHS video tape somewhere at the house.  I remember this well from my childhood, we would watch it often.  I found the first part of the show as well.  Watching these again, for the first time in likely well more than twenty years, sure takes me back.  I can’t believe how familiar they are.  I must have seen these many, many times.

I was thinking that today would be a quiet day.  Boy was I wrong. I woke up on my own around eight and before eight thirty the phone had rang and I was stuck working for a full day and more.  I ended up putting in a full sixteen hour day working for the office today!  I pretty much never got to leave the office.  Most of the work wasn’t too strenuous but I was decently busy.  I did more work today than I do in a full week at the office on average.

Because I was so busy today and got so little time with the kids I am going to stay home with them on Thursday again too, in addition to my normal staying home on Monday (tomorrow) so that we get more time together.  Plus that saves quite a bit of money when we are able to do that.

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