January 7, 2013: Home with the Girls Again

After my very long day yesterday I am staying home with the kids today while Dominica goes into the office.  It was a busy day for me with all kinds of work spilling over from yesterday.  Dominica was up and gone long before I got out of bed.  She leaves for work a bit before seven in the morning.

The girls and I had a good day together today.  We always have fun being home together.  It is generally quite a challenge for me to be productive when I am home alone with them but today they were really good and entertained themselves quite well so I was still able to work really efficiently, for the most part.

Dominica worked another long day putting in eleven hours or so.  Boy is she getting a lot of work done.  This new job is really working out for her and we got her first paycheck today from her first month at the job.  We got a paycheck for her last month but she had only worked a week and a half, I think, on that month so it was really small and we didn’t really notice it in our monthly finances.  But this month’s check is from a full month of her working and even though she took a week off for Christmas she still put in extra long days nearly every day that she worked when she did so it was roughly the equivalent of a full month of work and the extra money is extremely noticeable in our finances.  What a relief that is to have that extra money coming in!  Our renters in New York are supposed to be back to work now and paying full rent this month too, which is going to be awesome.  That is a non-trivial amount of money that we will be getting each month, again.  We’ve really missed that.

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