Jauary 24, 2013: Luciana Loves the Shower

I was up until about three in the morning working last night but I finally went Double Pure Capsacian on Spiceworks.  That is, roughly, seven years of continuous posting to make that happen.

Today is my day at home with the girls.  Luciana got up at seven thirty and climbed into bed with me for about an hour.  Liesl was up before nine which I found pretty surprising considering how late she went to bed last night.  That is not very much sleep for her and it was a bit of a short night for Ciana too.

The girls were pretty rambunctious this morning so it was pretty hard to work.  We had fun together though.  Luciana decided that she wanted to take a shower this morning pretty early on.  This is her new thing.  He loves getting into a warm shower and playing with her ducks (and one small dinosaur, one Dora the Explorer figurine, one camel and a bucket.)  I put the water on really warm but turn the volume down really low so it is like a light, warm rain.  She just loves it and because the tub doesn’t fill up she is very safe compared to a bath.  She’s decided that this is one of her favourite things ever in the last two weeks.  Now every day she runs to me and yells “Duck! Duck! Duck!” to take a shower.  She normally pulls hard at her shirt too trying to get herself undressed so that she can get in more quickly.

Sometimes, like this morning, Liesl gets excited and gets into the shower with Luciana.  This always makes Luciana decide to get out pretty quickly, though.  Luciana likes to sit under the faucet with the shower shooting over her head and just getting the mist and sitting in the “river” and playing.  Liesl has moved to loving just standing in the shower itself and just standing there with it falling on her – a long way from the Liesl of a year ago who was still scared of the shower.

The Roomba picked up a lot of stuff just from the hard surface portions of the house last night.  Really excited to try it out on the carpets.  Maybe tomorrow we can do that.

Dominica worked her five hour day and was able to come right home so we actually got family time together today a little.  Mostly she spent the afternoon running interference for me with the kids who were determined to be all over me today.

It was a busy day but I am happy because my cluster was completed and works.  That has been hanging over my head for so long that it was really beating me down.

This evening we mostly hung out in the play room.  Just the normal family evening.  Luciana had an accident during her nap (diaper leakage) and took a really long shower and bath.  I had had a long day so I just sat in the bathroom outside of the tub beside her and rested.  She would occasionally poke me and laugh but was happy to play on her own.  She loves having a bucket.  At one point I put a towel over my head and she would sometimes pull it off to play peekaboo.  So cute.

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