January 25, 2013: Ciana Loves Guitar

I overslept quite a bit this morning and it was almost time to be in the office by the time that I woke up.  Oops. So I was out of bed and out the door pretty quickly.

I worked through lunch today, that’s pretty normal these days.  I didn’t have to stay late tonight much at all which is pretty nice for a Friday evening.  I was able to head for home around six.  Not bad at all.

Did pretty much nothing this evening.  Thought about going out but decided to just stay in.

Ciana’s new thing is demanding that I play guitar for her in the evenings.  It is pretty funny, she says “Gee!  Gee!” and wants me to sit on the living room floor and play her music while she watches me.  It is so adorable.

The second season of Sherlock is now out on Amazon’s video service so we watched that.  We absolutely love that show.  We only managed to get through one episode (which is the length of a movie at 81 minutes) because Watson came over for a while to have a few beers instead of going out tonight.  We are all being cheap and lazy.  Today was his last day at the job that he has had for the last five years.  He is very excited.  He starts his new adventure on Monday.

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