February 1, 2013: Return to an Overinflated Market?

January flew by and I barely even realized that it is 2013.  You know that you are getting old when Windows Server 2003 is a full decade old and I still generally feel like it is a “newish” product.

I had to be up super early this morning, five thirty, so that I could get into the office to cover the non-farm payroll announcement.  First Friday of every month.  Hard to believe how many years I’ve been doing that.  The market announcement went smoothly this morning, not quite as good as expected but quite good overall and nearly expectation so the market actually reacted very positively today and after good European market action last night we actually saw one of the highest ever days for the Dow Jones Industrial Average.  Today was one of only fifteen days ever in history that the market topped 14,000 points and one of even fewer that was able to end the day above 14,000.   Either an excellent sign of recovery or we are ready for another crash.  Only time will tell. Reading the stock market graphs of the century shed little light on the long term economic situation as there appears to be a new trend of heavy market swings since the advent of auto-trading (computers doing the trading instead of people) twenty years ago – the market of the last two decades is nothing like the market of the previous, well, forever.

This afternoon I went to get coffee with George Crump of Storage Switzerland.  We had a nice time talking about storage and the Spiceworks community.

I got another article written and submitted today.  It’s been a very busy week.

This afternoon Luciana asked Dominica “Where’s daddy?”  Dominica said: “He’s at work.”  And Luciana did her trademark “Oh…” and then she started to cry.  She has really started wanting to spend a lot of time with me in the last month or two.

I got stuck doing deployments until pretty late.  I had thought that I was going to escape at a really good time but every time that I thought that I was about to stand up and leave someone would come to me with a new request and staggered them just enough that I could never make it away.

Dominica decided that she really wanted pecan encrusted trout for dinner so went me to Rockfish in Las Colinas to pick it up.  So it was well after seven when I finally got home.  Barely time to put on Are You Being Served? and then to get the kids to bed after eating our Rockfish dinner (I had the grilled salmon salad.)

Liesl was good today and got four stories instead of three.  She loves this new policy.  And she is loving all of her new books.  Dominica has been getting her a number of classic books that deal with behaviour.  Some of them are quite good.  One was first published in 1900 and the vocabulary that they expect for a four year old is insane.  The average college graduate would struggle with it.  One phrase in it is “didactic chaff!”

At nine thirty Watson swung by and picked me up and we went out for food and drinks at Redneck.  Haven’t been there in two weeks, I have been so incredibly busy with work and the kids.

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