January 31, 2013: Liesl’s New Chart

I got up with Dominica this morning, that is at a quarter till six in the morning.  I figured that if I got up with her that I could actually get some work done in the quiet before the girls got up.  And I had an easy conference call scheduled every Thursday not at eight thirty in the morning which is hard to make if I am not up and caught up before it happens.  I have to be showered, dressed and all ready to go when it starts so that all that I have to do is get out the door with the kids once it is done.

I did my call and got the girls dressed and out the door before nine thirty.  I was pretty impressed with myself.  That is really hard to do.  I drove them up to Corinth and dropped them off at a quarter till ten and then rushed right down to the office.

Dominica worked until almost noon today and then did some quick shopping and picked up the girls.

Our new 103″ projection screen for the living room arrived today.  Dad is going to make an attempt at figure out how to install it while he is down next week.  Just five days until he arrived.  The girls are very excited.  Luciana called her grandpa tonight for the first time (had me dial, of course) and managed to say a few words to him.  She was very happy to carry around the phone and listen to him.

I had to work some tonight so spent much of the night in the office.  The girls cycled in and out to hang out with me.  Luciana brought in her iPad, blanket, lambie and the stuffed monkey that she stole from me (a Linux Mono monkey from long ago that she just loves that we had found in a bin, she sleeps with it now) and made a comfy spot on Liesl’s little pink arm chair right at the side of my desk and spent a long time doing her own thing right next to me.  It was very sweet.

We got both girls off to bed at a good time.  Liesl is super excited that she has a new rewards chart that gives her gold stars for good behaviour around the house each day.  If she does well each day she gets an extra story at bed time and if she does well enough all week she gets one dollar to spend with the parent of her choice taking her shopping at the dollar store.  She thinks that that is very cool and she did well today and got four stories at bed time.

Dominica and I watched about one episode of Are You Being Served? and were off to bed ourselves.  I have to be up very early tomorrow morning as it is non-farm payroll day so I need to be up around five thirty.

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