February 13, 2013: Starting Side Yard Gravel

Back to the office today leaving dad and Dominica to take care of the girls.  They went to Home Depot today and picked up projector mounting supplies as well as some pea gravel that we are going to try out on the side of the house against the fireplace where there used to be a dog run before we bought the place.  That side of the house has always been just a mess with out of control bushes, weeds, some old scattered pea gravel and dirt.  It was very haphazard and seem to have no plan.  So, for the moment, Dominica wants to try just putting down pea gravel and see if it makes a difference.  It definitely can’t hurt.

After putting down four fifty pound bags of gravel we can already see quite a difference along the side of the house.  I’m looking forward to getting more gravel and filling that in.  It looks much better and you can actually walk along there without getting all dirty now.  Several more bags will really make a huge difference.

We are looking at the side yard now and trying to determine what to do there.  We are thinking that we will rip out the bushes that are there as Dominica is allergic to them and maybe put in a little cafe table in the corner so that we can use that space for outdoor coffee or reading and make a little walkway garden against the house.  It’s a dark little spot but a potentially nice one.  We’ve been ignoring it for a few years now but it wouldn’t take all that much effort to really make it into something.

We went out to dinner at Brookhaven this evening.  The food was really good but the girls were really exhausting.

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