February 12, 2013: SpiceCorps DFW in Coppell

Dominica and I had to get up early together today so that we could do a conference call before I left for the office.  So we were up just after seven thirty.  No fun.

I was running a bit late after doing the call, catching up on email, showering and trying to get out the door.  Both girls were awake by the time that I left and dad had already arrived for the day thinking that he was coming in late and that I would have been long gone by the time that he got there.  He has a very long day with the girls today as he’ll be with them all day then he is going to watch them tonight while Dominica comes out to Coppell to go to SpiceCorps DFW tonight which is down near my office.

Nothing to report from work today.  Just a normal day.  A little busy.  I skipped lunch, as I often do, and at two thirty I needed a break from staring at my computer so drove over to Starbucks, grabbed a coffee and sat outside for just a little bit to relax.  That was twenty minutes at most, not a long break.  But it was a break, at least.  Then I hit Racetrac for some almonds and an egg salad sandwich to get me through the day.

Dominica got lost trying to get to my office.  Hard to believe that she has only ever been to my office once and that one time I drove.  I haven’t been at this particular office for that long but still.  She used to come to my old office all of the time but mostly that was pre-Luciana when it was just Liesl and Dominica coming to meet me for lunch.  Not very practical to go to La Cima anymore these days.  So I had to talk her through getting to my office.

We car pooled over across the highway to the Avaya offices.  Avaya is sponsoring SpiceCorps DFW tonight for which we are very thankful as it means that we do not need to clean the house, deal with the aftermath, stay up really late, deal with caterers, etc. for the event.  We like having it at the house but it takes a lot of energy to put on an event like that.  It will be slightly easier once we have the living room set up for automatic projection.

The meeting went really well even though our thirty-two RSVPs plus nine maybes turned into just thirteen people in actual attendance.  That wasn’t cool.  I’m really appalled by the number of people who RSVP but then don’t show up at these events.  It is far too many to be just the people who have something “come up” at the last second and it is getting more and more consistent.

One of the nice things about having someone else host the event is that it doesn’t end up going all night and it only lasted until a quarter till nine and then Dominica and I were able to leave without having to be on the clean up crew.  Dominica was extremely thankful to not have been cooking all day and coordinating caterers and getting everything set up.

We ran over to Subway just up the street to grab a quick dinner before going back to my office to pick up Dominica’s Acadia and drive back home to relieve dad.

We were just too late to help dad with the worst of his fears… one of the girls needing to use the potty without us there.  But he handled it alright.

Dad headed back to the hotel pretty much as soon as we arrived.  He was very exhausted.  We were pretty tired ourselves.  We put on two or three episodes of Grace & Favour, I had a gin and it, we did just a tiny bit of work and we were off to bed.

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