February 16, 2013: Onward Home Theater

This is our last weekend with dad in Texas.  At least I am home now for the next three days.  We get so little time together even when he is here.  My work days are very long.  I managed to be home on Thursday too, but being home when I am working doesn’t give us very much time to hang out.  He is flying back to New York on Tuesday morning.

I mostly tried to get caught up on some work today and dad spent all morning and early afternoon working on getting the mounting ready for putting up the screen in the living room.

This afternoon we went to Denny’s, as we often do on Saturdays, for dinner and then off to Yogurtland for dessert.  Then dad and I went to Home Depot and got additional supplies.  I got a lot more mulch today, ten more bags, plus a little more pea gravel.  We got home and I set about putting all of that out into the yard.  The mulch has finally gotten the muddy back corner that is nothing but a huge pile of clay that they dug out from under the house when we had the foundation lifted prior to buying it more than two years ago.  Finally we have that completely covered in mulch so that we can walk back there.  It looks so much better too.  From the house you can see it and it really makes a difference.  The mulch isn’t just in the corner now either but is just starting to go along the back fence.  We have, for some reason, a strip of dirt that goes along all of the outside of the yard so we really need to encase the entire thing in the mulch to make it look nice and to keep it clean.  That’s why we need to many bags, it is just a little bit everywhere.

We are so happy with the mulch that we are going to use it against the house too where the old bushes used to be.  No grass ever took root there either and it is perpetually a muddy mess.  If only we had the budget to buy fifty bags of the stuff all at once, that would be awesome.  And another thirty bags of the pea gravel, at a minimum.

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