February 5, 2013: Dad Arrives in Texas

Today is the day.  Dad gets into Dallas this afternoon.  Liesl is so excited that she can’t stand it at all.  She is ready to explode with anticipation.  She sure misses her grandpa.

I was up and into the office early this morning.  I worked through lunch to make sure that I was as caught up as possible and this afternoon I ran to the post office to get the first two boxes of books that I have ready to go shipped off to Seattle.  Shipping books via USPS is surprisingly cheap.  I had no idea.

I had to rush because dad’s flight got in about half an hour early from Detroit.  So I got back to the office, made sure that I was caught up and ran to the airport at two.  I timed it just about perfectly as dad had just walked to the curb to call and let me know that he was there as I came past the first terminal so he only had to wait about three minutes for me to pull up to the curb and I didn’t have to make any airport loops.

From the airport we drove straight to his hotel in Addison so that we could be sure that he got checked in and that everything was in order.  Unfortunately the manager wasn’t there to check him in when they were supposed to be so we got stuck waiting for her to return for over half an hour.  Good thing that I had my phones on my so that I could be watching email and letting Dominica know what had happened to us.  Poor Liesl was stuck waiting a bit longer to see grandpa.

Once we got dad checked in we went straight over to the house so that he could see the girls.  Liesl was so excited when he got there that she just ran around the house, back and forth, as she does.

I worked from home for the last little bit of the day and then we all went to Brookhaven for kids’ night on the early side as we were all very hungry.

It was a “quiet” night of dad playing with the kids.  Then I drove him back to his hotel so that he could get some sleep.

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