February 6, 2013: Dad’s First Full Day in Texas

Dominica and I were up late last night.  Luckily, just late enough that I decided to take a shower before going to bed.  While I was in the shower I missed a few phone calls from the office.  Luckily I looked at my mobile before going to bed and saw that I was needed.  So I logged into the office and ended up working until six in the morning!  The upside is is that I will be home all day tomorrow and will get to spend some time with dad since he is here.  So that worked out pretty well, in a way.

I slept in until around ten which was still a super short night of sleep, less than four hours, but it was enough.  I got up and got logged into the office around ten thirty.  It’s nice that I get to be home today so I get to spend the day with dad rather than being in the office today, on his first full day in Texas.

The girls are so excited that grandpa is here all day.  They are having so much fun having him to play with them all day.  They don’t know what to do with themselves.  The biggest issue now is the two of them fighting over who gets to spend the most time with grandpa.

The project with the girls today was to paint masks that dad had brought for them.  Liesl thought that it was great fun painting her mask and wearing it around the house.

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