February 22, 2013: Breakfast with Drobo

I got up early and got out to downtown Addison where I had breakfast with the Drobo guys.  We had a really good time and I ended up hanging out with them for about two hours.

This was my first time ever doing breakfast down in Addison.  There was a little sidewalk cafe, very New York in style, that had good food and coffee.  It was a nice change of pace and the Mediterranean breakfast that they had is perfect for us vegetarians.  I need to take Dominica down there sometime soon.  A slice of the life that we miss from being back in the north east.

Into the office, then, for a normal, long Friday.  Nothing too remarkable.

I got home far earlier than we had expected.  Often I don’t get home until eight or later on Fridays but today I was home around six which caught Dominica off guard a bit.  I texted our babysitter to let her know that I would be home early so we moved her up from seven thirty to eight so that we could go out earlier.

So at seven thirty Kayla came over and Liesl was very excited, as usual.  It is nice that she got to come over on the early side so that they got three hours or so to play together before Liesl had to head off to bed.  Liesl has so much fun with her.

Dominica and I went out to Redneck for the evening.  The parking was completely insane with people parking on lawns all over the place.  In fact, both Dominica and I experienced our first even parking spot stealer, ever.  Having grown up in the north east where public rudeness of this nature is unthinkable, we find that here in Texas the attitude is a bit different.  People just aren’t as generally friendly in the south as they are in NYC.  They say “hi” more and make more eye contact, but that’s not actually related to being friendly or helpful.  Not that people aren’t friendly or helpful, just not to the same degree.  In the north, we spend our time around people a lot more.  In Texas, the trend is to lock yourself in a car and avoid human contact as much as possible so that things become very antisocial as a result.  Then you act friendly during the tiny slivers of human contact that you are forced to endure day to day.  I’m so used to being ‘around people’ so much more.  I don’t like the antisocial lifestyle here at all.

The wait line to get a table was up to three hours tonight!  Luckily, being regulars, we had a whiskey each and Vanessa found us and took us right to a table bypassing the line.  That was awesome.  After an hour or two some friends joined us.  We had dinner and hung out till around midnight then went to Waffle House as Dominica had been craving a waffle all afternoon.

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