February 21, 2013: Rainy Day at Home

I got up only about fifteen minutes after Dominica this morning and was in the office working before she was out the door.  So I got a good, early start.  Probably about six thirty.  We’ve been moving both our and the kids’ bedtimes forward dramatically.  Luciana is in bed just a little after eight and we were in bed before ten.

We had a dark and gloomy morning.  There was a light rain when I first got up and it got moderately heavy for much of the early morning. Ciana was up before eight and Liesl not long after.  I set them up in the storm-darkened living room with the big screen and let them watch The Fresh Beat Band there which they really liked.

The morning flew by but I wasn’t able to get very much done.  The interruptions were just often enough to keep me from being able to be productive.

Dominica left work at noon and did some shopping before coming home.  I was able to do a little bit more in the afternoon with her around.

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