March 13, 2013: Nate and Bob Come to Dallas

I went into the office this morning.  Nate and Bob managed to fly out of Philly early this morning and arrived just after ten this morning at DFW airport.  Their travel time, from the time that they left work to head to the airport until they arrived in Dallas took them almost exactly the same amount of time that it takes to drive the same trip.  Not an impressive feat, really.  It’s amazing how often driving is just as fast as flying, even when going across the country.

So I left work when Nate texted me that they were on the ground and I drove over to the airport to get them.  My office is so close to the airport that I was sitting outside their gate waiting for them more than ten minutes before they even had their luggage!

Once I picked them up I drove them downtown to the Hyatt at Reunion Tower downtown and dropped them off.  We made plans for dinner and I drove back to the office.

I worked until late because there was a lot going on, then ran home, changed and was back out the door in thirty minutes.  Dominica, Francesca and the kids went to Brookhaven for dinner while I was going to be out.  Nate and Bob thought that checking out the Tower Club downtown would be fun.  So I drove down to Trinity Mills station to catch the train.  I hate parking downtown.

I was buying my ticket on the east side of the station when the southbound green line DART arrived.  I bought my ticket as quickly as I could and literally ran the length of the train, rounded the south end of it, ran back up the other side of the platform and dove onto the train as it was ready to pull away.  Thankfully there was a human running the train and knew I was trying to make it.  So the timing was “perfect” and I didn’t waste any time on my journey downtown.

I got to the Thanksgiving Tower a bit ahead of the guys, they were lost wandering around the city.  So I got to wait a little bit for them.  Then we went up and had dinner at the Tower Club.  They were dutifully impressed.  And it worked out well to provide nice views of the entire area.  I went for the striped bass.  Bob had the venison with pumpkin bread pudding on the side.  Nate had the pork chop.  We stayed until after nine just enjoying the atmosphere.

It was a bit early to call it a night and they are sort of on vacation so they decided to ride the train back up north with me and go out for a bit.  So we grabbed the car and drove up to Redneck Heaven in Lewisville and hung out there for a few hours before I drove them back to their hotel and called it a night.  This is our first time hanging out in around four years or more!

It was rather late night for me after driving the guys back downtown to their hotel and then driving back home to Carrollton.

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