March 12, 2013: The Grices Come for Spring Break in Dallas

March is just flying by for us.  I still feel like it should be February and March is nearly halfway through.  How did this happen?  We have been so busy and so many people have been visiting us that I have lost all sense of perspective on time.

I spent in a little this morning not getting up until eight thirty.  I need some time to recover from the time change.  I am one of those people for whom the time shift really throws me off significantly.

My left foot is still really bothering me.  Overall I think that it is better today but not my much.  It is only better today because yesterday was so bad.  I can mostly walk but every so often I do something that ends up being really painful.

The Grice Family left Houston really early and drove up for Spring Break.  So our cleaning window between the Ralstons leaving and the Grices arriving was very small.  Dominica did all of the cleaning today.  I had to get logged into work and also couldn’t really walk or be very useful.

Francesca hit some major traffic issues on the way north so it took them a lot longer than it should have taken.  But they still arrived pretty early.  It was before eleven.

Work was heavy today, I was really busy.  I did not get very much time to relax at all.

After work we took the family to Brookhaven for kids night.  That went really well.  Everyone really enjoyed their dinner.

Nate and Bob ended up having their flight delayed and then cancelled tonight, but not until after they had flown from Ithaca to Philadelphia.  So they were stranded in Philly overnight.  I will be picking them up in the morning.

We got Francesca to watch the Doctor Who episode “Blink” which she really liked.  Then Dominica tried to get her into the second season of the show but she fell asleep halfway through the episode.

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