March 23, 2013: Liesl’s First Video Game Shopping Trip

The whole family slept in this morning.  Luciana came and hung out in bed with Dominica and I around eight thirty and just snuggled and talked for a bit before I got paged from the office at nine.  The weekend team wasn’t responding and work that was supposed to have started hours before had not started so I had to get up, get dressed and go to work on what was supposed to be my only day off all week.

I ended up working what was nearly a full day putting in around six hour.  Ridiculous.

I ran out this morning and picked up donuts for the family because Dominica was begging for them.  So I grabbed the largest box of books that was left and took it with me, dropping it off at the post office on the way.  That leaves just two small boxes left from the entire support and hopefully I can take them to work on Monday and be done with that part of our lives.  So many books!

This afternoon Dominica took Liesl out shopping.  They went grocery shopping and video game shopping.  The Nintendo Wii in Liesl’s room is proving to be really perfect for her.  She is challenged by attempting to use it but she is learning how to do so quickly and is really excited to have access to it.  And it makes us happy that we are finally getting use out of that old thing too.  This is the most that it has ever been used.  We are definitely now wondering  if Liesl might need a large screen in her bedroom.  We will see how she does this year with the Wii.  Maybe for Christmas it will be time for her to get a screen so that she doesn’t have to stand so close and look so hard to see what is on the screen.  If she keeps using it all year, I am sure that we will be going that route.  I suspect that Dominica will be thinking WiiU at that point too.  They bought three new video games for the Wii.  One is a Disney dancing game, one is the Nickelodeon Fit exercise game and one is a Dora the Explorer Snow Princess game.  A lot of the Wii games are designed around getting you active so we are really thrilled that Liesl will be getting exercise and doing something interactive as well.  It’s perfect.  And she can do it in her room which is making it easier to have strict “keeping her room clean” rules as well as letting her do things away from her sister (they need time apart and it is hard to do) as well as keeping the noise levels down for Dominica and I.

On their way back, Dominica and Liesl got Subway for dinner.  It’s funny how we never really used to like Subway and now we love it.

If you have ever wondered how the date of Easter is calculated, here you go:

Liesl spent the afternoon playing games in her room.  She probably played her Fit game for two hours almost.  And then she played her Dora Snow Princess game for a while too.  That one, while not officially a physical game, still works out well as Liesl likes to stand while playing it since she has to rock the controller around.

Liesl’s flowers are continuing to grow really well too.  They are over an inch tall already!

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